Welcome to the English forum ^^

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Welcome to the English forum ^^

Post by Amber on Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:56 pm

Hi fairy or specialist!

I'm Amber, the admin of the whole forum. Wink
Here you can make your apresentation to all the members in the forum.
First of all, If you are really new, you must know the meaning of Mods and Minimods.

Minimods and Mods are people in the Staff of the forum. Their names have a color, which is the color of their group (EN Mod, EN Minimod, ES Mod, ES Minimod, etc). They are the ones that keep the forum clean, have ideas for the official contests, help you following the rules and in your daily habits here and do many other things. Wink

EN Minimods have the purple color, EN Mods have the light purple color and the Admins (like me) have the aqua color.

I hope you have fun and make new friends here.... WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF WINX FORUM! Very Happy

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