♥ Rules of the Official Contests ♥

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♥ Rules of the Official Contests ♥

Post by Amber on Mon May 11, 2015 11:18 pm

Hello to all! Smile

These are the rules of the official competitions of the PT forum!

What you can do:
- Show your work to your friends especially in the topic 'Contest News' or in your chat.
- Put your work in your gallery.

What you can't do:
- I want to vote for you.

System of Official Contests
All members can participate in contests, but everyone must respect the rules.

Official Contest Voting System
Youmust vote in your two favorite works.
It's not necessary to be in order of preference!

Vote counting of Contests Official
If a participant cheatseither voting with the same IP or asking for votes, will be immediately DISQUALIFIED!

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